Premium growth promoter to compliment the Grow Series Nutrients – GROW 1, BLOOM 2, MICRO 3. Advanced PhenoPump stimulates the production of essential oils and terpenes, substantially increasing plant potency. Apply PhenoPump during vegetative and flowering stages.

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PhenoPump is a growth promoter, added to GROW 1, BLOOM 2, MICRO 3, to increase photosynthesis.  This blend assists in stimulating essential oils and terpenes, which considerably increases the potency of any cannabis crop.

Advanced PhenoPump boosts the formation of chlorophyll B and Photosynthesis, and “tricks” the plant into seeing more blue light, thus increasing the production of flowers. This premium blend also resolves problems with many plant ailments and pests.

Vegetative period: Add to your GROW 1, BLOOM 2, MICRO 3 solution every two weeks

Flowering period: Add to your GROW 1, BLOOM 2, MICRO 3 solution every two weeks for the first 4 weeks


Consult with a qualified agronomist for crop-specific information.

How to Use

Add 1 droplet per 10 litres

Safety warnings

Not made for human or animal consumption. Do not consume.


Ensure that PHENOPUMP does not freeze. Store in a cool dry place. Never store in direct sunlight for prolonged periods.


Triacontanol 1490 mg/kg (539 mg/L)
Magnesium (Mg) 9 900 mg/kg (10 890 mg/L)


If you have any questions regarding using any Advanced Hydro product, we have experts ready to assist. This product can be used to counter balance natural conditions related to Medical Cannabis farming. Our experts are able to assist with how and when to use this product.


100ml, 20ml


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